Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Tangelo!

My family has developed an unhealthy obsession for Tangellos! What follows is a sad and at times troubling montage of our tangelo adventures. Why you ask?? I do not know.

The tangelo, is also widely known as the honeybell. Tangelo is a citrus fruit that is a hybrid of a tangerine and either a pomelo or a grapefruit. It may have originated in Southeast Asia over 3,500 years ago.[citation needed] The fruits are the size of an adult fist and have a tangerine taste, but are very juicy, to the point of not providing much flesh but producing excellent and plentiful juice. Tangelos generally have loose skin and are easier to peel than oranges.[1] They are easily distinguished from oranges by a characteristic knob at the top of the fruit.

So my Sister-In-Law came up with this one!

Silence of the Tangelo

My Brother and Sister-In-law decided to do this to my poor old dad!

Resistance is Futile

Yes this is yours truly!

Gobsmacked Tangelo Style

My Beautiful Man Pedro

Touch It!

And this is Trevor our Pet Tangelo

Hello I'm Trevor

Trevor and His Girlfriend

Trevor loves our cat Jubes, she doesn't really like him though! This makes Trevor sad!

SO as you can see we love our Tangelos, perhaps they cause far to much amusement for such an innocent fruit. Stay tuned for more Tangelo adventures